# Images(图像)

v-img组件包含支持富媒体的功能。 结合 vuetify-loader, 你可以添加动态的渐进图像来提供更好的用户体验。

# 使用



# 注意

# 示例

# 属性

# 宽高比


# 包含

If the provided aspect ratio doesn’t match that of the actual image, the default behavior is to fill as much space as possible, clipping the sides of the image. Enabling the contain prop will prevent this, but will result in empty space at the sides.

# 渐变

The gradient prop can be used to apply a simple gradient overlay to the image. More complex gradients should be written as a class on the content slot instead.

# 高度

v-img will automatically grow to the size of its src, preserving the correct aspect ratio. You can limit this with the height and max-height props.

# 插槽

# 占位符

v-img 有一个特别的 placeholder 插槽,在图像加载时占位显示。 注意:下面的例子有一个错误的 src,因此图片不会加载,以方便你观察占位符。

# 其他

# 栅格

You can use v-img to make, for example, a picture gallery.


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