# Buttons(按钮)

v-btn (按钮)组件采Material Design设计主题风格,并增加众多的配置选项替换了标准的 html 按钮。 任何颜色助手类都可以用来改变背景或文字颜色。

# 使用



# 注意

# 示例

# 属性

# 块级按钮

添加block 属性,按钮将延占满可用的宽度。

# 凹陷

depressed buttons still maintain their background color, but have no box shadow.

# 浮动

Floating buttons are rounded and usually contain an icon.

# 图标

图标可以被用作按钮的主要内容。 This property makes the button rounded and applies the text prop styles.

# 加载器

Using the loading prop, you can notify a user that there is processing taking place. The default behavior is to use a v-progress-circular component but this can be customized.

# 轮廓

添加outlined 属性,按钮的边框颜色将继承自当前应用的按钮颜色。

# Plain(朴实)

应用plain属性, 按钮将会有较低的基准不透明度, 以响应 hover(悬停) 和 focus(聚焦) 事件。

# Rounded(圆角)

rounded buttons behave the same as regular buttons but have rounded edges.

# Sizing

Buttons can be given different sizing options to fit a multitude of scenarios.

# 文本

Text buttons have no box shadow and no background. Only on hover is the container for the button shown. When used with the color prop, the supplied color is applied to the button text instead of the background.

# 方块

tile buttons behave the same as regular buttons but have no border radius.

# 其他

# Raised

raised buttons have a box shadow that increases when clicked. This is the default style.


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