Компонент v-chip используется для передачи небольших фрагментов информации. Используя свойство close, чип становится интерактивным, что позволяет взаимодействовать с пользователем.


Chips come in the following variations: Default, closeable, filter, outlined, pill. The default slot of v-chip will also accept avatars and icons alongside text.




Любой цвет из палитры Material Design можно использовать для изменения цвета чипов.


Chips могут использовать текст или любой значок, доступный в библиотеке шрифтов Material Icons.


Очерченные chips наследуют свой цвет границы от текущего цвета текста.


В метки chips используется border-radius v-card.


v-chip component can have various sizes from x-small to x-large.


draggable v-chip component can be dragged by mouse.


v-chip component has filter option which shows an additional icon to you if chip is active. It can be customized using filter-icon.

No ripple

v-chip can be rendered without ripple if ripple prop is set to false.


Closable chips can be controlled with a v-model. You can also listen to the click:close event if you want to know when a chip has been closed.

Action chips

Chips can be used as actionable items. Provided with a click event, the chip becomes interactive and can invoke methods.

В выборе

Выбор позволяет использовать чипы для отображения выбранных данных.

Custom lists

In this example we opt to use a customized list instead of v-autocomplete. This allows us to always display the options available while still providing the same functionality of search and selection.

Additional filtering

Chips are great for providing supplementary actions to a particular task. In this instance, we are searching a list of items and collecting a subset of information to display available keywords.


Chips can be combined with v-menu to enable a specific set of actions for a chip.

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