The v-sheet is designed to power other paper components within Vuetify. It is meant to be used as a low level component.

The v-sheet component is a malleable piece of paper that can be morphed to facilitate other components.

제공되는 Props, Slots, Events 와 함수들을 이용하여 원하는 컴포넌트를 직접 구현해 보세요.

간단한 예재부터 복잡한 예제까지 아래를 참고해서 앱 개발을 시작해 보세요.

Sheets can accept a custom elevation between 0 and 24 (0 is default).

Sheets can accept a tile property which makes them rectangular (no border-radius).

Sheets and components based on them can have different sizes and colors.

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