The rating component is a specialized but crucial piece in building user widgets. Collecting user feedback via ratings is a simple analytic that can provide a lot of feedback to your product or application.





Size variantsNew in v1.2

Utilize the same sizing classes available in v-icon or provide your own with the size prop.

Custom lengthNew in v1.2

Sometimes an application will call for a customized implementation. Easily change length or displayed icons.

IncrementedNew in v1.2

A rating can have 3 defined icons, full-icon, half-icon (with the half-increments prop) and empty-icon.

Scoped slotsNew in v1.2

A scoped slot is provided to give you even more freedom in how you display the rating.

Card ratingsNew in v1.2

The rating component pairs well with products allowing you to gather and display customer feedback.

Advanced usageNew in v1.2

The v-rating component fits right in with existing components. Build truly complex examples with rich features and beautiful designs.