The v-pagination component is used to separate long sets of data so that it is easier for a user to consume information. Depending on the length provided, the pagination component will automatically scale. To maintain the current page, simply supply a v-model attribute.

Pagination by default displays the number of pages based on the set length prop, with prev and next buttons surrounding to help you navigate.

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Using the length prop you can set the length of v-pagination, if the number of page buttons exceeds the parent container, it will truncate the list.

total-visible prop을 이용해서 표시되는 페이지 버튼의 개수를 수동으로 지정할 수 있습니다.

The circle prop gives you an alternate style for pagination buttons.

Previous and next page icons can be customized with the prev-icon and next-icon props.

Pagination items can be manually deactivated using the disabled prop.

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