v-overflow-btn is used to give the user the ability to select items from the list. It has 3 variations: editable, overflow and segmented

v-overflow-btn is used for creating selection lists

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You can add a counter to v-overflow-btn to control the max char count

v-overflow-btn can be disabled in order to prevent a user from interacting with it

You can use dense prop to reduce overflow button height and lower max height of list items.

editable v-overflow-btn can be directly edited, just as v-text-field

텍스트 필드는 대체 박스 디자인과 함께 사용될 수 있습니다. Append 나 prepend 아이콘 prop들은 이 모드를 지원하지 "않습니다".

You can add a hint for the user using the hint property

v-overflow-btn can have loading state with a linear progress bar under them

v-overflow-btn can be put into readonly mode, it'll become inactive but won't change the color

segmented v-overflow-btn has and additional divider between the content and the icon

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