The v-img component is packed with features to support rich media. Combined with the vuetify-loader, you can add dynamic progressive images to provide a better user experience.

v-img component is used to display a responsive image with lazy-load and placeholder.


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If the provided aspect ratio doesn't match that of the actual image, the default behavior is to fill as much space as possible, clipping the sides of the image. Enabling the contain prop will prevent this, but will result in empty space at the sides.

v-img will automatically grow to the size of its src, preserving the correct aspect ratio. You can limit this with the height and max-height props.

You can set a fixed aspect ratio if you want to change aspect ratio of the image.

v-img has a special placeholder slot for placeholder to display while image's loading. Note: the example below has bad src which won't load for you to see placeholder.

The gradient prop can be used to apply a simple gradient overlay to the image. More complex gradients should be written as a class on the content slot instead.

You can use v-img to make, for example, a picture gallery.

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