The v-divider component is used to separate sections of lists or layouts.

Dividers in their simplest form display a horizontal line.

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삽입형 디바이더(Inset dividers)는 오른똑으로 72px 치우쳐 있어서 리스트 아이템들과 잘 맞게됩니다.

Vertical dividers give you more tools for unique layouts.

Vertical dividers can also be paired with the inset prop for even more options.

Dividers and subheaders can help break up content and can optionally line up with one another by using the same inset prop.

어떤 상황에도 적합한 커스텀 카드를 만듭니다.

By default, v-divider components are assigned the WAI-ARIA role of separator which denotes that the divider "separates and distinguishes sections of content or groups of menuitems." However, sometimes a divider is just a way to make an interface look nice. In those cases, the role of presentation should be used which denotes "an element whose implicit native role semantics will not be mapped to the accessibility API." To override the default separator role in a v-divider, simply add a role="presentation" prop to your component. In addition, v-divider components have an aria-orientation="horizontal". If vertical="true", then aria-orientation="vertical" will be set automatically as well. If role="presentation", aria-orientation="undefined", its default value.

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