Vuetify is the #1 Material framework and has been in development since 2016. The goal of the project is to provide users with everything that is needed to build rich and engaging web applications using the Material Design specification and Vue. It accomplishes that with a consistent update cycle, Long-term Support (LTS) for previous versions, responsive community engagement, a vast ecosystem of resources and a dedication to quality components.

Core principles


Vueエコシステムで最も活発なコミュニティの1つを楽しむ準備をしましょう。問題で立ち往生?今すぐ助けを得なさい。バグを見つけますか? Firebaseについて話したいですか?素晴らしいものを作りませんか?私たちに知らせて。 コア チームは、問題が発生したときにすぐさま対応します。コアチームがあなの開発を背後から支えることを確信してください


Vuetifyはセマンティックになるようにゼロから構築されています。 学習しやすく覚えやすい—これは、あなたが自身のアプリケーションを開発しているのか、あるいは新しい開発者を採用しているのかにかかわらず開発を容易にします、Vuetifyの 会話するように記述できる コンポーネントとプロパティによって。


Vuetifyは一貫した更新サイクルを持っているので、あなたは頻繁にバグ修正や機能強化を手に入れることができます。 開発チームは最高の経験をあなたに提供することを約束します。


Need a customized support plan? Vuetify's author, John Leider, provides consulting and support services to assist with any use-case you run into while building your application.

Design specification

Vuetify is developed exactly according to Material Design specification. Every component is hand crafted to bring you the best possible UI tools to your next great app. The development doesn't stop at the core components outlined in Google's spec. Through the support of community members and our sponsors, we have added over 15 new components including calendars, color pickers, treeview and many more.


Developing with Vuetify means you will never be alone. Get help immediately from the development team and other community members in the official Discord server. Get the opportunity to speak with talented individuals from around the globe that want to help you succeed in your efforts. Need help and want to support the project? Become a Patreon backer and get access to private support channels or schedule time with author.


Vuetify is not the only Vue component framework out there. Plenty of other talented developers have created amazing projects to help users with development. It is ultimately up to you to decide what your metrics for success are. While not an exhaustive list, this is how Vuetify sets itself apart from other libraries:



毎週 (火曜日) 更新

vuetify-loaderによる自動 Tree Shaking


SSR, PWA 及びモバイルアプリケーションのサポート

アクセシビリティ (a11y) 対応

国際化 (i18n) 対応

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