The v-timeline is useful for stylistically displaying chronological information.


v-timeline's in their simplest form display a vertical timeline that should contain at least one v-timeline-item.



Small dots

The small prop allows alternate styles to provide a unique design.

Icon dots

Conditionally use icons within the v-timeline-item's dot to provide additional context.

Reverse direction

You can reverse the direction of the timeline items by using the reverse prop. This works both in default and dense mode.

Timeline card

If you place a v-card inside of a v-timeline-item, a caret will appear on the side of the card.

Dense alert

dense timelines position all content to the right. In this example, v-alert replaces the card to provide a different design.

Opposite slot

The opposite slot provides an additional layer of customization within your timelines.

Avatar dots

Insert avatars into dots with use of the icon slot and v-avatar.

Colored dots

Colored dots create visual breakpoints that make your timelines easier to read.


Modular components allow you to create highly customized solutions that just work.

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