The v-combobox component is a v-autocomplete that allows the user to enter values that do not exist within the provided items. Created items will be returned as strings.


With Combobox, you can allow a user to create new values that may not be present in a provided items list.



Multiple combobox

Previously known as tags - user is allowed to enter more than 1 value


You can use dense prop to reduce combobox height and lower max height of list items.

No data with chips

In this example we utilize a custom no-data slot to provide context to the user when searching / creating items.

Advanced custom options

The v-combobox improves upon the added functionality from v-select and v-autocomplete. This provides you with an expansive interface to create truly customized implementations. This example takes advantage of some more advanced features such as a custom filter algorithm, inline list editing and dynamic input items.

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