Bottom sheet はスクリーンの下部からスライドするように修飾された v-dialogv-bottom-navigation と似ています。 ボトムナビゲーションコンポーネントは、ボタンと特定のアプリケーションレベルのアクション用ですが、 Bottom sheet にはなんでも含めることができます。


Here we display an example list of actions that could be present in an application.




Persistent bottom sheets can't be closed by clicking outside them.

v-model control

Bottom sheets can be controlled using v-model. You can use it to close them or if you can't use activator slot.


Bottom sheets can be inset, reducing their maximum width on desktop to 70%. This can be further reduced manually using the width prop.

Music Player

Using a inset bottom sheet, you can make practical components such as this simple music player.

Open In List

By combining a functional list into a bottom sheet, you can create a simple 'open in' component.

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