The v-banner component is used as middle-interruptive message to user with 1-2 actions. It comes in 2 variations, single-line and multi-line (implicit). These can have icons which you can use with your message and actions.


Banners can have 1-2 lines of text, actions and icon.



Single-line (desktop)

Single-line VBanner is used for small amount of information and is recommended for desktop only implementations. You can optionally enable the sticky prop to ensure the content is pinned to the screen (note: does not work in IE11). You can find more information about sticky positioning here.

Two-line (mobile)

Two-line VBanner can store larger amount of data, use it for big messages.

Icon slot

The icon slot allows you to to explicitly control the content and functionality within it.

Icon click event

VBanner emits click:icon event on icon click, even with custom icon slot.

Actions slot

the actions slot has dismiss function in its scope, you can use it to easily dismiss banner.

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