Vuetify UI Kits

Easily create design prototypes with Figma components that match Vuetify’s.


The Vuetify UI Kit is a free component plugin for Figma that streamlines building your applications.

Figma Plugin

The fastest and easiest way to use the Vuetify UI Kit is to install it as a plugin for Figma.

Digital Download

If you need to manually install the plugin for whatever reason, you can download the latest version from the Vuetify Store.

  1. Downloadfor free from the our store
  2. Unzip vuetify3-ui-light-kit.fig from
  3. Open Figma and create a new project:
  4. Select Import file and navigate to where you unzipped vuetify3-ui-light-kit.fig:
  5. Create a new design file:
  6. Access components within your projects by selecting Assets and then searching for the desired component:

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