Upgrade Guide

This page contains a detailed list of breaking changes and the steps required to upgrade your application to Vuetify 3.0


  • Vuetify class removed, use createVuetify function

const vuetify = new Vuetify({ ... })

const app = new Vue({
const app = createApp()

const vuetify = createVuetify({ ... })

  • import ... from 'vuetify' is now a-la-carte, import 'vuetify/dist/vuetify.js' instead to get the complete bundle (not recommended).
  • 'vuetify/lib' should no longer be used, change to 'vuetify' / 'vuetify/components' / 'vuetify/directives' as appropriate.
  • Only component styles are included, global styles must be imported separately from 'vuetify/styles'.
  • vuetify-loaderhas been renamed to webpack-plugin-vuetify, and we also have a new plugin for vite vite-plugin-vuetify.



  • Global styles previously included as .v-application p or .v-application ul are no longer included. If you need margin for p, or padding-left for ul and ol, set it manually in your root component’s <style> tag
  • stateless, clipped, clipped-right and app props have been removed from v-navigation-drawer, v-app-bar and v-system-bar. The position in the markup determines the appearance. Use the order="number" prop to influence it manually.
  • $vuetify.breakpoint has been renamed to $vuetify.display and extended with new properties


  • Multiple themes are now supported, so light / dark props have been removed from components. Use v-theme-provider to set the theme for a specific component tree.
    • Components that previously had a dark prop, such as v-app-bar, now accept theme="dark" prop
  • Theme colors set their foreground text color automatically, if you were using light / dark to get a different text color you probably don’t need it anymore.
  • The variant naming scheme has changed slightly, it is now a single word instead of two. For example, primary darken-1 is now primary-darken-1.
    • To use variant namings as value for color props, the variant you intend to use needs to be enabled in the theme under theme.variations.colors. e.g: colors: ['primary']
  • Color classes have been renamed:
    • Backgrounds have a bg- prefix, for example .primary is now .bg-primary.
    • Text colors have a text- prefix, for example .primary--text is now .text-primary.
    • Variants are no longer a separate class, for example .primary--text.text--darken-1 is now .text-primary-darken-1.
  • The theme system now uses CSS variables internally, so customProperties is no longer required.
    • If you were using customProperties in v2, the naming scheme has changed from --v-primary-base to --v-theme-primary.
    • Custom properties are now also an rgb list instead of hex so rgb() or rgba() must be used to access them, for example color: rgb(var(--v-theme-primary)) instead of color: var(--v-primary-base).
  • Theme colors in the theme config are now nested inside a colors property, e.g. const myTheme = { theme: { themes: { light: { colors: { primary: '#ccc' } } } } }

SASS variables

  • $headings was merged with $typography: Access font-size of subtitle-2 with map-get($typography, 'subtitle-2', 'size')
  • If you imported variables from ~vuetify/src/styles/settings/_variables in v2, you have to replace it with vuetify/settings
  • Component variables that previously lived in e.g. ~/vuetify/src/components/VIcon/VIcon.sass can now be imported from vuetify/settings directly too.
  • $display-breakpoints no longer includes {breakpoint}-only variables (e.g. xs-only), use @media #{map-get(v.$display-breakpoints, 'xs')} instead.
  • The $transition map has been removed, replaced with individual $standard-easing, $decelerated-easing, $accelerated-easing variables.
  • $container-padding-x is now 16px instead of 12px as in v2. You can replace it with $spacer * 3 to get to the previous look.
  • Too many component variables to list have been renamed or removed. There is no automated way to update these as the element structure has changed significantly, you will need to manually update these along with any custom styles.

Styles and utility classes

  • .hidden-{breakpoint}-only has been renamed to .hidden-{breakpoint}
  • .text-xs-{alignment} has been renamed to .text-{alignment} to reflect the fact that it applies to all breakpoints.
  • Typography classes are have been renamed for consistency and are all prefixed with text-, for example .display-4 is now .text-h1
  • Transition easing classes have been removed.


General changes

  • value prop has been replaced by model-value on components that support v-model usage. (Vue 3 requires this change)
    • Note that this does not apply to value used as a selection value, for example v-btn within v-btn-toggle.
  • @input event has been replaced by @update:model-value on components that support v-model usage. (Vue 3 requires this change)
  • left and right have been replaced by start and end respectively. This applies to utility classes too, for example .border-r is now .border-e.
  • Size props small / medium / large etc. have been combined into a single size prop.
  • absolute and fixed props have been combined into a single position prop.
  • top / bottom / left / right props have been combined into a single location prop.
  • background-color prop has been renamed to bg-color.
  • dense prop on components such as v-select, v-btn-toggle, v-alert, v-text-field, v-list and v-list-item has been changed to density prop with the variants default, comfortable, compact
  • Activator slots work slightly different. Replace #activator={ attrs, on } with #activator={ props }, then remove v-on="on" and replace v-bind="attrs" with v-bind="props"
  • Some components have structural changes in their markup. Which means you may have to change how you query and assert them in tests. v-switch for example now uses an <input type="checkbox" /> under the hood, which is why the aria-checked and aria-role="switch" attributes were removed.

Input components

  • Affix slots are consistent now:
    • prepend and prepend-inner are the same.
    • append has been renamed to append-inner.
    • append-outer has been renamed to append.
  • Variant props filled/outlined/solo have been combined into a single variant prop.
    • Allowed values are 'underlined', 'outlined', 'filled', 'solo', or 'plain'.
  • success and success-messages props have been removed.
  • validate-on-blur prop has been renamed to validate-on="blur".


  • border prop values left and right have been renamed to start and end.
  • colored-border prop has been renamed to border-color.
  • dismissable prop has been renamed to closable.
  • outlined and text props have been combined into a single variant prop.
    • Allowed values are 'elevated', 'flat', 'tonal', 'outlined', 'text', or 'plain'.
  • text prop has new purpose. It represents the text content of the alert, if default slot is not used.


  • overlap has been removed and is now the default style, use floating to restore the v2 default.
  • Transition props mode and origin have been removed.
  • avatar prop is no longer needed and has been removed.


  • The actions slot no longer provides a dismiss function.
  • shaped prop has been removed.
  • icon-color has been removed.
  • single-line has been replaced with lines="one".


  • active-class prop has been renamed to selected-class
  • fab is no longer supported. If you just need a round button, use icon prop or apply a .rounded-circle class.
  • flat / outlined / text / plain props have been combined into a single variant prop.
  • depressed has been renamed to variant="flat"
  • retain-focus-on-click has been removed, buttons use :focus-visibleinstead.
  • v-btn-toggle needs mandatory="force" prop to achieve the same behaviour as mandatory prop in v2.
  • Disabled buttons use a faded variant of the specified color instead of grey (#15147)
    • The $button-colored-disabled sass variable can be set to false to use grey instead.


  • input-value prop has been renamed to model-value. (Vue 3 requires this change)
  • on-icon and off-icon props have been renamed to true-icon and false-icon.
  • on-value and off-value props have been renamed to true-value and false-value.
  • v-checkbox’s label slot should no longer contain a <label> as it is already wrapped with one



  • two-line and three-line props have been combined into a single lines prop with allowed values 'two' or 'three'.
  • v-list-item-group has been removed, just add value to list items to make them selectable and bind v-model:selected on v-list to get the selected value.
  • v-list-item-icon and v-list-item-avatar have been removed, use v-list-item with icon or avatar props, or put an icon or avatar in the append or prepend slot.
  • v-list-item-content has been removed, lists use CSS grid for layout now instead.
  • v-list-group can now be nested arbitrarily deep, sub-group prop should be removed.
  • v-list-item input-value prop has been replaced with active.
  • v-list-item inactive prop has been replaced with :active="false" :link="false".
  • v-subheader has been renamed to v-list-subheader.
  • v-list-item’s active scoped slot prop has been renamed to isActive


  • v-model values not present in items will now be rendered instead of being ignored.
  • cache-items prop has been removed, caching should be handled externally.
  • item-text has been renamed to item-title, and now looks up the title property on item objects by default. value is unchanged.
  • item-disabled has been removed, and disabled, header, divider, and avatar properties are ignored on item objects.
    • Additional props to pass to v-list-item can be specified with the item-props prop. item-props can be a function that takes the item object and returns an object of props, or set to boolean true to spread item objects directly as props.
  • The item object in slots is now an ListItem object, the original item object is available as item.raw.
  • The item slot will no longer generate a v-list-item component automatically, instead a props object is supplied with the required event listeners and props:
  <template #item="{ props }">
    <v-list-item v-bind="props"></v-list-item>
  • The chip slot should be used instead of selection if the chips prop is set, this will provide some default values to the chips automatically.
  • Non-multiple combobox will now update its model as you type (like a text field) instead of only on blur.


  • v-simple-table has been renamed to v-table


  • ticks has been renamed to show-ticks.
  • tick-labels has been renamed to ticks.
  • vertical has been renamed to direction="vertical".
  • step default value is now 0 instead of 1.


  • v-tab-item has been removed, use v-window-item


  • contain has been removed and is now the default behaviour. Use cover to fill the entire container.


  • rounded prop has been removed. Apply a rounded css class to the menu content element instead. e.g. .rounded-te
  • internal-activator prop has been removed without replacement
  • offset-y and offset-x props have been removed. Use offset prop instead
  • absolute variant has been removed. For absolute positioning use css instead


  • action slot was renamed to actions


  • v-expansion-panel-header has been renamed to v-expansion-panel-title.
  • v-expansion-panel-content has been renamed to v-expansion-panel-text.
  • v-expansion-panel now has text and title props that can be used instead of subcomponents.


  • v-card does not allow content to overflow or use higher z-index values to display on top of elements outside it. To disable this behavior, use <v-card style="overflow: initial; z-index: initial"> (#17593, #17628)



  • Handler argument order has changed from entries, observer, isIntersecting to isIntersecting, entries, observer

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