Browser support

Vuetify 3 is a next generation framework that takes advantage of the latest web technology features and requires an evergreen browser to function.


This is not an exhaustive list of compatible browsers, but the main targeted ones. If you are using a browser that is not listed here, it is not officially supported.

Chromium (Chrome, Edge)✅ Supported *
Firefox✅ Supported *
Safari 15.4+✅ Supported
Safari 13.1❗ Requires polyfill
Edge <79⛔ Not supported
Internet Explorer⛔ Not supported
Other Browsers❓ Not officially supported

* All browsers on iOS use WebKit and have the same support as Safari

Safari and some older versions of other browsers require polyfills to work correctly. You can use babel and core-jsfor this, or you can use polyfill.iolike we do on this site:

<script src=",ResizeObserver,WebAnimations,Object.fromEntries,"></script>

Support for even older browsers may be possible with additional polyfills and PostCSS plugins, but has not been tested and is not guaranteed. If you need to support older browsers we recommend using Vuetify 2.

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