# Skeleton loaders

The v-skeleton-loader component is a versatile tool that can fill many roles within a project. At its heart, the component provides an indication to the user that something is coming but not yet available. There are over 30 pre-defined options available that can be combined to make custom examples.

# Usage

The v-skeleton-loader component provides a user with a visual indicator that content is coming / loading. This is better received than traditional full-screen loaders.


# Examples

# Misc

# Boilerplate component

The v-skeleton-loader can be used as boilerplate designs when creating mockups. Mix and match various pre-defined options or create your own unique implementations. In this example, we use a custom data property to apply the same props to multiple v-skeleton-loader's at once.

# Accessibility

By default, the v-skeleton-loader component is assigned a WAI-ARIA role of alert. We augment this role with two aria properties. An aria-busy value of true denotes that a widget is missing required owned elements. An aria-live value of polite sets the screen reader’s priority of live regions.

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