The v-sheet component is a transformable piece of paper that provides a basic foundation for Vuetify features.


The sheet component has support for elevation, rounded corners, color, and more. It can be used as a container for other components or as a standalone.


v-sheetPrimary Component


The v-sheet component contains only a default slot.

Element / AreaDescription
1. ContainerThe main content area


Often when building out a user interface, you will need to create a container for content and other custom components. The v-sheet component is a great way to do this. It provides a baseline for elevation, rounded corners, and color.


Some of the standard props that can be applied to the v-sheet component are listed below.


The v-sheet component accepts a custom elevation between 0 and 24 (0 is default). The elevation property modifies the box-shadow property. More information is located in the MD Elevation Design Specification.


The rounded prop adds a default border-radius of 4px. By default, the v-sheet component has no border-radius. Customize the radius’s size and location by providing a custom rounded value; e.g. a rounded value of tr-xl l-pill equates to rounded-tr-xl rounded-l-pill. Additional information is on the Border Radiuspage.


Sheets and components based on them can have different sizes and colors.

The v-sheet component accepts custom Material Design Colorvalues such as warning, amber darken-3, and deep-purple accent — as well as rgb, rgba, and hexadecimal values.


The following are a collection of examples that demonstrate more advanced and real world use of the v-sheet component.


This example uses a sheet component to create a banner congratulating users for signing up for the Vuetify community.

Reconcile Notification

The following example uses a sheet component to create a banner that notifies users that the account balance has been reconciled.

Privacy Policy

Creating a Privacy Policy notification is a great use case for the v-sheet component.

Referral program

Even for simple use-cases, the v-sheet component is versatile makes it easy to contain content and other components.

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