# Ratings

The rating component is a specialized but crucial piece in building user widgets. Collecting user feedback via ratings is a simple analytic that can provide a lot of feedback to your product or application.

# Usage

The v-rating component provides a simple interface for gathering user feedback.


# Examples

# Props

# Color

The v-rating component can be colored as you want, you can set both selected and not selected colors.

# Length

Sometimes an application will call for a customized implementation. Easily change length or displayed icons.

# Incremented

A rating can have 3 defined icons, full-icon, half-icon (with the half-increments prop) and empty-icon.

# Size

Utilize the same sizing classes available in v-icon or provide your own with the size prop.

# Icon Label

Provide a label to assistive technologies for icons.

# Slots

# Item slot

Slots are provided to give you even more freedom in how you display the rating.

# Misc

# Advanced usage

The v-rating component fits right in with existing components. Build truly complex examples with rich features and beautiful designs.

# Card ratings

The rating component pairs well with products allowing you to gather and display customer feedback.

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