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Progress linear

The v-progress-linear component is used to convey data visually to users. It supports both indeterminate amounts, such as loading or processing, and finite amounts of progress (including separate buffer values).


In its simplest form, v-progress-linear displays a horizontal progress bar. Use the value prop to control the progress.


v-progress-linearPrimary Component




The primary value is controlled by v-model, whereas the buffer is controlled by the buffer-value prop.


You can set the colors of the progress bar using the props color and background-color.


Using the indeterminate prop, v-progress-linear continuously animates.


Displays reversed progress. The component also has RTL support, such that a progress bar in right-to-left mode with reverse prop enabled will display left-to-right.


The rounded prop is used to apply a border radius to the v-progress-linear component.


The stream property works with buffer-value to convey to the user that there is some action taking place.


This applies a striped background over the value portion of the v-progress-linear. This prop has no effect when using indeterminate.



The v-progress-linear component will be responsive to user input when using v-model. You can use the default slot or bind a local model to display inside of the progress. If you are looking for advanced features on a linear type component, check out v-slider.



The progress linear component can have a determinate state modified by v-model.

File loader

The v-progress-linear component is good for communicating to the user that they are waiting for a response.

Toolbar loader

Using the absolute prop we are able to position the v-progress-linear component at the bottom of the v-toolbar. We also use the active prop which allows us to control the visibility of the progress.

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