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The v-autocomplete component offers simple and flexible type-ahead functionality. This is useful when searching large sets of data or even dynamically requesting information from an API.


The autocomplete component extends v-select and adds the ability to filter items.


v-autocompletePrimary Component



Below is a collection of simple to complex examples.



You can use density prop to adjusts vertical spacing within the component.


The filter prop can be used to filter each individual item with custom logic. In this example we filter items by name.


Item and selection

With the power of slots, you can customize the visual output of the select. In this example we add a profile picture for both the chips and list items.


Asynchronous items

Sometimes you need to load data externally based upon a search query. Use the search-input prop with the .sync modifier when using the autocomplete prop. We also make use of the new cache-items prop. This will keep a unique list of all items that have been passed to the items prop and is REQUIRED when using asynchronous items and the multiple prop.

State selector

Using a combination of v-autocomplete slots and transitions, you can create a stylish toggleable autocomplete field such as this state selector.

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