App bars

The v-app-bar component is pivotal to any graphical user interface (GUI), as it generally is the primary source of site navigation.


The v-app-bar component is used for application-wide actions and information.


v-app-barPrimary Component
v-app-bar-nav-iconA customized v-btncomponent that uses a default icon value of $menu
v-app-bar-titleAn extension of v-toolbar-title that is used for scrolling techniques


The recommended placement of elements inside of v-app-bar is:

  • Place v-app-bar-nav-icon or other navigation items on the far left
  • Place v-app-bar-title to the right of navigation
  • Place contextual actions to the right of navigation
  • Place overflow actions to the far right

Element / AreaDescription
1. ContainerThe App Bar container holds all v-app-bar components
2. App Bar Icon (optional)A styled icon button component created that is often used to control the state of a v-navigation drawer
3. Title (optional)A heading with increased font-size
4. Action items (optional)Used to highlight certain actions not in the overflow menu
5. Overflow menu (optional)Place less often used action items into a hidden menu


The following are a collection of examples that demonstrate more advanced and real world use of the v-app-bar component.


The v-app-bar component has a variety of props that allow you to customize its look and feel, density, scroll behavior, and more.

Scroll behavior

Available values:

  • hide: The default slot area will shift up and hide as the user scrolls down. The extension slot remains visible.
  • collapse: Shrink horizontally to a small bar in one corner.
  • elevate: Add a drop shadow to the app bar when scrolling. Ignores scroll-threshold, will always be applied with any amount of scrolling.
  • fade-image: Fade out the image as the user scrolls down.
  • inverted: Has no effect on its own, but will reverse the behavior when combined with any other option.

The scroll-threshold prop is used to determine how far the user must scroll down (in pixels) before the behavior is applied.

A scroll listener is added to window by default, but can be changed to a custom element using the scroll-target prop.

Application Bar


You can make app-bar dense. A dense app bar has lower height than regular one.


v-app-bar can contain background images. You can set source via the image prop. If you need to customize the v-img properties, the app-bar provides you with an image slot.


An v-app-bar with the density="prominent" prop can opt to have its height shrunk as the user scrolls down. This provides a smooth transition to taking up less visual space when the user is scrolling through content. Shrink height has 2 possible options, compact (48px) and comfortable (56px) sizes.

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