The v-app-bar component is pivotal to any graphical user interface (GUI), as it generally is the primary source of site navigation. The app-bar component works great in conjunction with a v-navigation-drawer for providing site navigation in your application.


The v-app-bar component is used for application-wide actions and information.




You can make app-bar dense. A dense app bar has lower height than regular one

Prominent w/ scroll shrink

An v-app-bar with the prominent prop can opt to have its height shrunk as the user scrolls down. This provides a smooth transition to taking up less visual space when the user is scrolling through content. Shrink height has 2 possible options, dense (48px) and short (56px) sizes.

Prominent w/ scroll shrink and image

v-app-bar can contain background images. You can set source via the src prop. If you need to customize the v-img properties, the app-bar provides you with an img slot.

Hiding on scroll

v-app-bar can be hidden on scroll. Use the hide-on-scroll property for this.

Collapsible bars

With the collapse and collapse-on-scroll props you can easily control the state of toolbar that the user interacts with.

Elevate bar on scroll

When using the elevate-on-scroll prop, the v-app-bar will rest at an elevation of 0dp until the user begins to scroll down. Once scrolling, the bar raises to 4dp.

Inverted scrolling

When using the inverted-scroll property, the bar will hide until the user scrolls past the designated threshold. Once past the threshold, the v-app-bar will continue to display until the users scrolls up past the threshold. If no scroll-threshold value is supplied a default value of 0 will be used.

Scroll threshold

v-app-bar can have scroll threshold. It will start reacting to scroll only after defined via scroll-threshold property amount of pixels.

Prominent w/ scroll shrink and image, fading on scroll

The background image of a v-app-bar can fade on scroll. Use the fade-img-on-scroll property for this.

With menu

You can easily extend the functionality of app bar by adding VMenu there. Click on last icon to see it in action.

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